A family tale

A team made by people inspired by concepts such as hard work and positive thinking, trying to develop every day, all together our dreams.
We face new challenges keeping an enthusiastic approach to both professional and personal life.
Our team is made by people who want to promote our local beauties and lifestyle since 2013.
We cannot wait to meet you in person to share with you our favorite places and stories.

Our Team

Chiara Petruzzi

Founder of Svegliarsi nei Borghi, she keeps making this dream possible with her exceptional drive and sharp mind for business Chiara coordinates our project in every aspect with the main goal of keeping a positive growth of all the aspects and partners.
She is the one that schedules our mid and long term goals into the hospitality market.
A truly enthusiastic and optimist, she is indeed one of the best person you can hope to have as a colleague.

Elisabetta Capobianco

Inspired by a great love for travelling, she’s always ready to depart to discover new places and new people interested in the slow living lifestyle.
After some experiences far from her beloved hometown she decided to came back in Apulia in 2013 to work along with Chiara with the main role as the operations manager in order to promote a different side of our region made by rural villages and ancient traditions.
She is actually in charge of all the promotion and the operations for Svegliarsi nei Borghi.

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