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Your excursion to Troia will include a visit to its historical and architectural treasures, including its magnificent Cathedral, The Diocesan Museum, and the ancient quarter known as “Fra due Terre” (Corso Umberto I ) as far as the church of Saint Basilio Magnum. Walking through Troia’s narrow streets will be like stepping back through its  thousand-year history.

Monti Dauni Tour – Recevoery through meditation

You’ll breathe an air of spirituality and devotion in our holy places, our shrines and majestic cathedrals. You can immerse yourself in nature, visiting forests and exploring nature trails and enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities.

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Bike Tour

Cycling lets us go right inside the rich green lungs of the Monti Dauni, rich in flora and fauna, in the midst of unspoilt nature. Nature, or cycling guides will travel with you to splendid oases of silence and peace, all from the comfort of the Bike Hotel at Troia, which is equipped with cycle parking and hire and can meet the full range of requirements of passionate cycling enthusiasts.

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