As one of our most peculiar spots in Monti Dauni, this excursion is the best choice for craft lovers and local history buffs: the visit of one of the few well kept examples of watermill in Italy, the Watermill of Bovino represents since the XVII century an interesting spot where flours and grains are produced still using 1005 natural processes such as in the past.
The Grasso Family bought the watermill in 1906 when one of them returned home from the USA: since then this family used to work at the watermill that was built initially as a property of the bishops of the town to be used exclusively by them.
Today, thanks to the Grasso family it’s possible to visit the watermill, listen to an interesting family story as well as to tales about production using handmade production methods: after all the traveller can see how much agriculture means in Puglia but expecially in Monti Dauni, which is the most rural part of our region, known everywhere for its millenial wheat production.
The last part of the visit is dedicated to a tasting of local products made by the Grasso’s to take a look and taste the fruits of such ancient craft.

Tour costs €30 per person