Handmade pasta is one of the most peculiar food tradition in Puglia.
As a product actually made to have lunch all together on Sunday with the whole family by the grandmas it represent one of the symbols of our heritage.
In each area in Italy and in our region too there’s a different approach to the ingredients and its pairing with one sauce instead of another even if for every variety there’s a common link between them and it’s that for a good homemade pasta you need to use few and simple ingredients but the difference is set on the skills that every cook uses to make it.
Pasta is made with flour, salt and water, just 3 simple ingredients set together in a bowl: the difficulty is to set a perfect balance between them to then proceed with the preparation of traditional shapes this products comes from.
With the help of a skilled chef you’ll experience how cool can be being able to revive such an ancient tradition: The course will start with a basic explanation of the tools to be used, the amounts of the ingredients required, and the four types of pasta typical of Monti Dauni. Starting with tagliatelle, through to troccoli, and then on to the harder variations of cicatelli and orecchette, after the pasta production phase, the chef will proceed with an explanation about the recipe of a basic sauce, which is chosen by the group. After everything is prepared, you’ll be able to enjoy your lunch together to test your creations. Everything will be made from fresh local ingredients and paired with a local wine. This is a truly authentic experience not to be missed.

Tour costs €73 per person