This experience is focused on explain and illustrate during a lunch with a menu based on traditional Northern Apulian recipes the main threads that link our culture to our traditional cooking and harvests.
Lunch will take place in one of the most important and internationally well known restaurant in our county: Peppe Zullo’s restaurant, who will welcome you along with his trusted sommelier Giuseppe Rutigliano, to illustrate the concept of traditional organic cuisine and its preparation process to mix the local ingredients with the care and respect to preserve the link between local traditions and food, as results in a unique mix of flavours and food experience.
The 3 hour tour will begin with a visit to the garden close to the restaurant where the chef Peppe Zullo will explain the secret to the local products harvests and how he recovered long lost fruit and vegetables varieties.
Giuseppe, the restaurant sommelier, will then illustrate all the viticultural process to produce local wines with some interesting combination pairing local wines with the restaurant menu to let you have a complete tasting experience “Made in Puglia”.

Tour costs €65 per person