This full day tour include the visit to some of the most important sanctuaries and pilgrimages spots in Puglia: starting with a visit of Troia and following the Francigena route you’ll arrive to Monte Sant’Angelo and then to San Giovanni Rotondo to conclude this experience visiting the church and the sactuary dedicated to St. Pio.
At the beginning of the visit you’ll be able to visit along with a local guide the most iconic place of Troia: the Cathedral, where the guide will illustrate the symbolism on the outside of the church and then with a visit inside you’ll get to see the “dormitio virginis”, a long lost fresco that was rediscovered during a restoration in the pasta and the “miracolous cross” of Pietro Frasa, a local artist kown for his astonishing realistic wood sculptures.
The visit will then continue to Monte Sant’Angelo, with a visit to the Sanctuary that was considered since the Middle Age one of the most important holy places in Southern Italy for its role as a meeting point during for most of the holy paths that crossed Europe and Italy to go to the Holy Land.
The tour will conclude with a visit to San Giovanni Rotondo and the places dedicated to St Pius, one of the most well known Saint of the last century, who during his life lived and served in San Giovanni Rotondo.

Tour costs €95 per person