This excursion starts with the visit, along with a local guide, to the Cathedral in Troia to end then with a stop to a local pastry shop for a taste of Puglia and its sweets.
With a local guide you’ll be able to explore our Cathedral, the icon for whom our little town is know to any art history buff: built into the XI century, the Cathedral is an important example of Romanic style, hugely popular in Southern Italy in the Middle Age, this art style is the result of a mix between a simple architectural structure and sculptures with a big symbolic value to describe important aspects of events and life at the time.
The most iconic feature of the Cathedral, its Rosone, is the best example of this kind of art to be savoured and explored slowly in all its magnificence.
After a quick visit to the inside of the Cathedral to explain how the different styles contributed to the final results such as the different colonizations left traditions and costumes imbodied into the local population the visit will end besides the Cathedral with a pastry tasting to take a coffee together, enjoy the weather and the tales of how this simple pastry cake became a huge local sensation.

Tour costs €33 per person