This excursion has the main goal of telling Troia history as a peculiar city in the Middle Age and Post Renessaince periods in Southern Italy.
Along with a local guide, you’ll walk into the little cobbled streets of the city centre to visit one of the public terraces in our time to take a look at the landscape around and then go back to the main spot of our town: the Cathedral square, where the Cathedral represents the highest point of our town along with the most important, where in past and present times all the main functions take place.
Built during the XI century, the Cathedral represents one of the few remaining example of pure Romanic style, an artistic style hugely popular in the Middle Age in Southern Italy where the combination of local stones and rich sculptures create a never lasting harmony full of symbols and history.
The outside visit continues inside the church where the guide will illustrate how the different colonisations and cultures have influenced the construction style both inside and outside.
Our tour inside the Cathedral continues with the visita to the external apses where it’s depicted the story of when Troia and its inhabitants have posed a veto on Emperor Frederick II domination.
After a visit at the Church Museum for a short explanation about the “Cathedral Treasure”, as it’s know the collection of artifacts and books made in the past centuries expecially for the Cathedral and its clerk the visit will come to an end with a visit of San Basilio, the most ancient church of the region, that with its peculiar proto-romanic style keeps being a fascinating example of balance of simple architectural mysticism.

Tour costs €30 per person