This experience includes a 1 hour guided tour in an artisanal venue in Troia where they produce salami, prosciutto and other local delicacies. Your guide will start describing our enviroment and how this influences the choices of the local farmers in terms of species to breed and how to feed them in order to breed healthy species.
After a quick tale about the correct processes that needs to be applied to the meat in order to reach a good balance between consistency and compactness, the guide will then explain the choice of some aromas local aromas instead of the mainstream ones, so the product can be conserved without any chemical preservatives.
Soon after the lesson will continue with a local wine producer to let you learn about the Nero di Troia wine variety, how this local colture has been revived since it was almost lost in the past for an aggressive bacteria who directly on the vines, and then you’ll learn through his examples and stories how rain frequency, daylight hours and winds can influence the grapes taste and its results.
The guide will explain also the production process of Nero di Troia wine, from its care in growing the vines to the cellar work to let the wine mature in the correct way.
The tour will end with a tasting to let you experience in practice all said above, and that’s how the “terroir” (meaning the set of the whole natural and mechanical aspects told before make a wine different from the others).

Tour costs €35 per person