Visit the medieval village of Sant’Agata di Puglia, in the Northern part of Puglia to discover its rich history and refreshing landscape.
After a quick visit to the village centre you’ll be travelling back in time to visit the ancient Imperial Castle 800 mt high on a hill that represent an amazing point of view on the country all around.
Soon after the visit at the Castle you’ll visit St Angel Church, a church which has been totally rebuilt during the last century even if the original structure was built on XII century. The visit will follow with St Nicholas Church that with its ancient origin has been updated a lot, expeciallu during the Baroccan period, trasforming the look of the church in how it is nowadays.
At the end of the tour you’ll visit St Andrew the Apostle Church, a small Byzantine church that is recorded of being the most ancient church in the village and peculiar for its shape and the wood choir, a cross, sculptures and frescos inside.

Tour cost €35 per person